Msds Catalog Service LLC
Msds Catalog Service LLC
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Industry: Business to Business

Founded: 2011

Over the past six years we’ve helped several thousand small businesses get a handle on OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. Supplying them with the information a business needs to teach its employees what they need to know so that each company is in compliance with the HCS.

We sell about a dozen different generic (M)SDS books in both hard-copy and download versions. These books are required by OSHA as part of a small business safety plan. We re-publish these books multiple times during the year to keep in compliance with the OSHA regulation.  

The larger majority of our customers are made up of contractors and subcontractors, but also include property managers, health care facilities, municipalities, farms, and various other small businesses. 

In addition to the books and downloads we also sell a subscription based database in which our customers pay an annual fee to belong, and a custom (M)SDS book for any industry that can be tailored to meet a customer’s needs.